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Follow that Star – the much awaited VERSE TWO!

Follow that Star is a perennial Christmas hit with choirs and audiences but do you know the official words of Verse Two?

Follow That Star has been performed thousands of times all over the world for over a quarter of a century but it lasts about 2 minutes. Many choirs have come up with their own extra verses but here below is the official VERSE TWO which can be created by going as far as bar 44 inclusive and then returning to bar 5. Use the following words on the repeat:

(upbeat to bar 13) “Twas when the clouds were clearing, On that stormy night, The fields about them seemed to glow with a wonderful mysterious light – Three Kings! (Sopranos sing: The fields about them glowed with a wonderful mysterious light)

(upbeat to bar 24) ‘Oh, there it is!’ said Baltazar, to Melchior and dear old King Kaspar. They grabbed their gifts and off they went – Three Kings!”

Follow that starFollow That Star

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